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Gleam Realty Inc. (GRI)

Provide full lines of real estate development from asset evaluation of vacant land, architectural design of community needs for housing units, financial requirements of banks and financial sponsors, management and execution of construction operations and sales & marketing of the completed projects.

  • Project Accomplishment
        1994-1995   515 2nd Avenue Condominium   9 units
    1998-2000 Gleam Tower Condominium 23 units
    2001-2003 Manhattan Hill Condominium 13 units
    2004-2006 Riverside Parc Condominium 12 units
    2006-2008 Hudson View Condominium 13 units

GRI Subsidiary Company
Gleam Development Consultant Inc. (GDC)

  • Provide full consulting services of real estate construction and development.
  • Current Project (2009 present)
    160 E 23rd Street, New York, NY 10010 11 stories condominium project