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Mission Statement

Gleam Realty Inc.(GRI) is committed to developing high quality, affordable housing units aimed at people of middle/high incomes in New York City. With unique management skills and decades of experience, Gleam Realty Inc. provides high quality and low cost residential units.

Company History

For over fifteen years, Gleam Realty Inc. has demonstrated its commitment to build affordable condominiums through quality assurance, superb design and good management. The company was founded in 1994 when real estate was at a nadir, and we have developed and completed five projects since. In this economy, some of the marketable units have turned into rental ones. We have introduced low costs and high efficiency in developing housing units through detailed planning, skillful construction and tight management. With the same strategy we believe it is worthwhile to continue developing marketable and affordable housing units in NYC. In 2009 we have evolved into a development consulting group assisting other developers on their projects. A subsidiary company, Gleam Development Consultants Inc. was established in early 2009.

Management Team of Gleam Development Consultants Inc.

President/CEO Mr. Jung Hsiang Bruce Hwang

Vice President Mr. Ching Ho Chen

CFO/Secretary Dr. Jiashuenn James Wu

Mr. Chen and Mr. Hwang were entrepreneurs in real estate development from Kaohsiung,Taiwan. Mr. Hwang has been a developer for over thirty years and holds a degree in Engineering. He is the brain and technical advisor of the company. Besides real estate development, Mr. Chen owned various business and served as chief financial officer of a manufacturing export goods company. Mr. Chen is in charge of raw material control and financial resources. Dr. Wu graduated from School of Pharmacy at St. John's University with a Ph. D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences. Dr. Wu offers his industrial management skills and detailing planning to the group after a decade serving a pharmaceutical career as senior administrator.